Manchester United and Yanmar, one of Japan’s leading engine manufacturing companies, are pleased to announce the extension in their global partnership.

To celebrate the partnership extension, the company today unveiled its first Manchester United and Yanmar dual branded tractor at an event in Bangkok attended by Club Ambassador, Dwight Yorke.

Yanmar has long established links within sport in Japan and since announcing its partnership with Manchester United in 2012, it has gone on to extend its reach in both the UK and other global markets. Throughout the partnership it has worked with the club to enhance its global presence through the Club’s Matchday digital marketing boards as well as B2B networking opportunities at the Club’s home games.

As the Club’s global partner and also its first Agricultural Vehicles Partner, Yanmar has contributed to the development of agriculture and enriched people’s lives across the world, especially in Southeast Asia.

Yanmar Holdings Sports Marketing Group General Manager, Ken Araki comments:

“Thailand is the most important market for Yanmar and the best way to deliver our strong message to make people’s lives more affluent in Thailand is to collaborate with Manchester United.

“Today, as a result of our discussion over two years, we are finally able to announce the Manchester United collaboration tractor.”

Manchester United Group Managing Director, Richard Arnold comments:

“Since launching our partnership four years ago, Yanmar has worked with the Club to expose its brand further in new sectors and to new audiences. Like Manchester United, Yanmar is an industry leader and we are proud to be associated with a company that makes such a significant contribution to the global economy through its manufacturing expertise. I am delighted we will continue to work together in the future.”

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