Chile and Spain fans watch their World Cup match on Copacabana Beach (Getty Images)

(WFI) FIFA has surpassed the one million fan mark at its 2014 World Cup Fan Fests.

FIFA has set up Fan Fests in all twelve host cities, and 430,000 fans were said to have visited them on Tuesday.

That attendance put the total number of spectators at 1.3 million after the first set of group stage matches.

“It’s a truly special experience to see football fans from all over the world joining together to celebrate world football’s most exciting event,” FIFA marketing director Thierry Weil said in a statement.

Brazilian artists and cultural performances are showcased at each fan fest with a large screen to allow spectators without tickets to watch all World Cup matches.

The Fan Fests are located in iconic places in each city, such as Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro and Iracema Beach in Fortaleza.

FIFA sponsors also have a heavy presence at the Fan Fests, providing activities for fans to take part in.

“We would like to thank the host cities and the sponsors for their huge contribution to the Brazilian population and international visitors. This has resulted in the provision of fantastic locations where fans can celebrate football together at an event which has established itself as an integral part of the FIFA World Cup,”Weil said.

By INSIDER’s Aaron Bauer

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