Ukrainian FA chief Grigory Surkis and his government must accelerate preparations in the coming months (Getty Images)

(WFI) Ukraine’s Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, has over-ruled a presidential veto on spending on preparations for the 2012 European Championships.

The move frees $1.24 billion for much-needed spending on stadia and infrastructure.

Earlier this month, President Viktor Yuschenko vetoed state budget amendments obliging the country’s national bank to transfer funds to the state budget to finance the construction ahead of Euro 2012.

The move was seen as political shenanigans, aimed at destabilizing his ally-turned-rival Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko ahead of next year’s presidential elections.

Of 409 MPs, 384 voted in favor of overturning the veto, which threatened to destroy Ukraine’s fading hopes of co-hosting the tournament with Poland.

In May, a UEFA inspection team was fiercely critical of Ukraine’s preparations and set a November deadline for it to come up to scratch.

Rumors have since abounded that Germany is being considered a replacement host nation to partner Poland.

UEFA will make a final decision on Ukraine’s co-host status in December.

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