Every day during UEFA EURO 2016, the City of Paris organises a “press tour” in order to discover one of the city’s aspects on topics such as sports, culture, environment or innovation. Subscribe now!

Hosting UEFA EURO 2016 will be a great opportunity for Paris to assert its identity as an open, intelligent, innovative, sustainable and creative city in the eyes of the world. From June 13th to July 9th, Paris will propose “press tours” to discover the different facets of the city regarding sports, culture, environment or innovation.

You will discover Paris’ symbolic monuments as well as more secret places that embody the capital’s identity and contribute to its international outreach.

Press tours departures will take place every morning at 9:30 a.m. outside the media centre of the Eiffel Tower Fan Zone. A minibus will ensure your transportation and bring you back at 1 p.m. Warning: you cannot join the press tour along the way.

The number of tickets being limited, a prior accreditation is required.

Here are next week’s press tour:
Monday, June 13th: Paris and the innovation – Get your accreditation for the event.
The Cargo: Le Cargo is Europe’s largest incubator. It is located at the heart of a working-class neighbourhood which is subject to an extensive redevelopment programme. Meeting with several start-ups representative of the creativity and dynamism of the Parisian innovation ecosystem.

Connected bus shelters: Presentation of the new Parisian bus shelters which are provided with digital screens, applications giving access to many useful services or even USB ports in order to charge mobile phones.

Tuesday, June 14th: Paris and the environment – Get your accreditation for the event.

The Petite Ceinture of the 15th arrondissement: The Petite Ceinture (“Little Belt railway”) is a former railway that goes round Paris. It is an integral part of its industrial and landscape heritage. The section of the Petite Ceinture located in the 15th arrondissement is 1.3km long and covers 3.5 hectares. Opened to the public since 2013, it is now a memory of this heritage now dedicated to strolls and leisure activities in a growing revegetation.

The Ballon de Paris: It is both a great tourist attraction and a true flying laboratory that contributes to a better knowledge of air quality. From an altitude of 150 metres, it offers a unique bird’s eye view of Paris and especially of the Eiffel Tower.

Wednesday, June 15th: Paris and the culture – Get your accreditation for the event.

The Canopée des Halles: Presentation of the Canopée des Halles, centre of urban culture with a visit of La Place – world’s biggest cultural centre entirely dedicated to the Hip Hop movement – and of the multimedia library which gathers a collection of 3.000 titles dedicated to urban cultures.

Centr’Halles Park: Just near the Canopée des Halles, Centr’Halles Park is the first indoor facility dedicated to the learning of Parkour, an urban sport made famous by the French film Yamakasi.

Thursday, June 16th: Paris and sports – Get your accreditation for the event.

AccorHotel Arena: With 20.300 seats, the AccorHotel Arena is the 4th biggest Arena in the world. It hosts about 130 sportive and cultural events every year and welcomes artists such as Justin Bieber, Muse, Céline Dion, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bruce Springsteen, etc. Thanks to its full renovation from 2014 and 2016, it benefits from outstanding acoustics and can be arranged in 30 different configurations. It is also 100% connected.

Friday, June 17th: Paris’ surprises – Get your accreditation for the event.

An unusual morning on Parisian gastronomy.

Saturday, June 18th: Vélib’ ride in Paris – Get your accreditation for the event.

A Vélib’ ride to discover Paris.

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Service de presse de la Ville de Paris
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5, rue Lobau 75004 Paris

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