(WFI) UEFA and Interpol have teamed up in the fight against match-fixing and stadium violence.

UEFA president Michel Platini and Interpol secretary general Ronald Noble. (UEFA)

During a visit to the House of European Football in Nyon, Interpol secretary general Ronald Noble met with UEFA president Michel Platini to discuss how their organizations can combat the pair of problem areas.

The two also agreed to soon formalize their working relationship and information exchange.
“For UEFA, the ongoing fight against match-fixing is one of the most important priorities in my second term as UEFA President,” Platini was quoted on UEFA.com. 
“By agreeing to sign a memorandum of understanding with Interpol, and by working closely with their network and through our betting fraud detection system, the net is now tightening on those involved in match-fixing and illegal sports betting.”
Noble echoed Platini’s commitment to the cause, adding that the problem extends well beyond Europe.
Match-fixing investigations in Italy and Turkey as well as in Asia have sullied football’s reputation in the past year. 
Last May, FIFA signed an agreement with Interpol that provides $29 million over 10 years to fight illegal betting and match-fixing. A new FIFA anti-corruption unit was also created at Interpol’s global headquarters in Singapore.
“Clearly match-fixing is a worldwide issue,” Noble said Wednesday. “Interpol is ideally placed to help UEFA, FIFA and all footballing professionals tackle the issue effectively at a global level, but at the same time it is important not to lose sight of other types of crime which can affect the sport.
“Following today’s meeting with the UEFA President, Michel Platini, I can confidently say that the collaboration that already exists between UEFA and INTERPOL in tackling the issue of match-fixing will become even closer.”
Their teamwork will be on display later this year in Poland and Ukraine when Interpol deploys officers to the host countries to help police Euro 2012.
Platini Meets New Portuguese FA President
Newly elected Portuguese FA president Fernando Gomes met Platini on Wednesday to discuss his country’s
football development.
Platini alongside Portuguese FA president Fernando Gomes. (UEFA)
“It’s always a pleasure to come to UEFA to work on different tasks, to participate with UEFA and contribute to the vision of football and achieve important goals,” he was quoted on UEFA.com.
“In our talks with Michel Platini and the UEFA administration, we have presented our plans for activities that we want to develop and promote in Portugal, and of course shown our total commitment [to] cooperate fully in UEFA’s effort to develop and promote European football.”
Gomes also thanked the UEFA and its HatTrick program for the assistance given the Portuguese Football Federation in the wake of devastating storms on the island of Madeira in 2010.
By INSIDER’s Matthew Grayson 

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