The meeting took place this week in Bilbao, Spain. (Getty Images)

(WFI) At its Executive Committee meeting in Spain this week, UEFA threw its support behind an 11-point resolution to curb match-fixing.

The document will now be seen by each of UEFA’s 54 member associations, according to a release, for feedback in advance of a March vote in Kazakhstan.

Also at the meeting in Bilbao, the committee attended to a slew of other matters, including appointing Araz Naxcivan in Baku, Azerbaijan as the hosts of the 2014 UEFA Futsal Cup, a four-team tournament to be played in late April. The other three clubs will be FC Barcelona, Kairat Almaty, and MFK Dinamo.

The ExCo also made clear its wish that the “triple punishment” be reconsidered by IFAB, the game’s law-governing body. The rule is currently on the books for those who deny an opponent a clear goal-scoring opportunity, and punishment involved a penalty kick, ejection, and suspension for a subsequent match.

Also taken care of were a number of financial and procedural matters, including those surrounding the 2014/15 UEFA Regions’ Cup.

Concerning member association, Albania is now a pro level member of the UEFA Coaching Convention, while Hungary, Scotland, and Sweden are now members of the Elite Youth A level.

It was also determined that, following a review, a decision on changes in the draw for Euro 2016 will be made in late January at the ExCo’s next meeting in Switzerland.

Additionally, UEFA has a new media face.

Former CNN sports presenter Pedro Pinto was named head of UEFA press relations with special responsibility for president Michel Platini.

UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino says, according to the AP, that Pinto’s duties are to include “coordination institutional communications relating especially to the UEFA president.”

Pinto will assume the position in mid-January of a critical year, one in which Platini is expected to announce whether he will run for FIFA presidency in 2015.

The new hire will work alongside David Farrelly, who remains head of communications.

By INSIDER’s Nick Devlin

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