Former FIFA VP Jeffrey Webb faces sentencing on Jun. 3. (Getty)

(WFI) Three of the former FIFA officials who pleaded guilty to corruption charges will be sentenced next June, INSIDER has learned.

Jeffrey Webb, ex-FIFA vice president and head of CONCACAF, and executive committee member of CONCACAF Luis Bedoya, together with CONMEBOL vice president Sergio Jadue will learn their fate at the hands of U.S. Federal Judge Raymond Dearie along with six sports marketing company executives.

Dearie presided over the two FIFA indictments dished out by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that brought about the eight guilty pleas.

The Eastern District of New York’s attorney’s office provided INSIDER with details about the legal status of the eight defendants.

Zorana Danis, owner of sports marketing company International Soccer Marketing Inc. – one of the firms implicated in the alleged selling of lucrative marketing deals for FIFA tournaments – will be the first of the eight to be sentenced on April 1, 2016. Danis is out on bond of $1.5 million and agreed to forfeit $2 million implicated in questionable dealings as part of her plea agreement.

Webb will be the first of the former FIFA officials to receive their sentence on June 3. Webb was released on bond of $10 million and will remain under house arrest at his estate in Loganville, Georgia until his sentencing.

Jadue, the former president of the South American Football Confederation, will be sentenced on June 17, while Alejandro Burzaco, Jose Margulies, Luis Bedoya, Roger Huguet and Fabio Tordin will learn the consequences of their involvement in wire fraud and racketeering conspiracies on June 24.

Sports marketing executives Huguet and Tordin were each released on bond of $1.5 million while Bedoya paid $1 million for his release. The bail conditions of Margulies and Jadue are still sealed as the DOJ investigation is ongoing. Burzaco forfeited the most money in his deal, relinquishing $20 million.

Despite sentencing coming soon for several of the officials ensnared in the FIFA corruption scandal, the United States top law enforcement official says she will not rest.

“You will not wait us out and you will not escape our focus,” U.S Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Dec. 9.


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