10/2/2011 Qatar will fund World Cup with cash alone, bank boss says… Zinedine Zidane says his support of Qatar 2022 wasn’t about the money… New FA chairman defends English Premier League chief… FIFA applauds new transfer system. INSIDER’s Matthew Grayson reports.

1/12/10 The five 2022 World Cup bids bring out their big guns today at their crucially important final presentations to FIFA. The USA boasts Bill Clinton and Morgan Freeman, while Australia has supermodel Elle Macpherson. The 2018 bids present on Thursday. INSIDER’s Mark Bisson reports from Zurich.

16/9/2010 FIFA’s World Cup bid inspection chief tonight cast doubt on whether a country Qatar’s size can host the 2022 tournament in comments made at the end of a three-day evaluation of the country’s bid. INSIDER’s James Corbett reports from Doha.