July 5 – Franz Beckenbauer today said that the scandals swirling around FIFA have severely damaged football’s governing body. The Munich 2018 bid backer claimed Sepp Blatter could take lessons in transparency from the IOC in future World Cup bidding processes. INSIDER’s Mark Bisson reports from Durban.

Munich tops PyeongChang and Annecy in the final edition of the Around the Rings Olympic Bid Power Index for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The Power Index comes with one month left before the IOC vote that will decide the host city for the 2018 Games. PyeongChang dropped to second place after finishing first in 

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26/1/2011 Russian president Dmitry Medvedev calls for heightened security measures for upcoming sporting events including the 2018 World Cup in the wake of the bomb blast at Moscow’s busiest airport Domodedovo… FIFA identified air transport as Russia’s most difficult challenge in its bid inspection report. INSIDER’s Mark Bisson reports.