Aug. 11 – Tottenham Hotspur’s match against Everton is called off after the London riots that triggered copycat violence across other English cities. But Premier League chiefs say the other nine fixtures will go ahead as planned. Football League bosses say their games are unaffected. INSIDER’s Mark Bisson reports.

Aug. 10 – Premier League bosses will decide tomorrow whether to postpone some or all opening fixtures of the new season after the London riots sparked copycat violence in other cities including Birmingham and Manchester. Man Utd and Man City are scheduled to play their first matches in those two cities… Three Premiership games in London could also be called off. INSIDER’s Mark Bisson reports.

Champions League star Gareth Bale today backed a new website offering exclusive big name interviews and podcasts for football fans. The site,, will bring football lovers hard-hitting debate and exclusive interviews with big name players, such as Gareth, teammate Peter Crouch and England and Manchester United legend Michael Owen. There will also be twice-weekly 

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