November 5 – Arsenal’s social media push is reaping benefits. Not only have the north London club become the first UK football team to reach three million followers on Twitter, but they also boast the fifth largest Twitter following of any sports team internationally. INSIDER’s Mark Bisson reports.

Aug. 24 – MasterCard sponsors Brazil’s national teams through 2020… Deutsche Telekom renews with Bayern Munich… Fulham, Tottenham, Everton each sign betting partners. INSIDER’s Matthew Grayson reports.

Sept. 28 – Boris Johnson urges Spurs to give up their fight for the 2012 Olympic Stadium and instead accept a $26.6 million package to stay put in north London… Club chairman Daniel Levy says discussions are continuing with all stakeholders. INSIDER’s Matthew Grayson reports.

Aug. 11 – Tottenham Hotspur’s match against Everton is called off after the London riots that triggered copycat violence across other English cities. But Premier League chiefs say the other nine fixtures will go ahead as planned. Football League bosses say their games are unaffected. INSIDER’s Mark Bisson reports.