March 13 – Premier League powerhouses could each be offered $262 million to summer in Qatar if plans for a “Dream Football League” pan out … But Qatar FA denies involvement… Brazil 2014 says ties among host cities, government, LOC growing tighter … More inside this Newsdesk …

June 19 – Russia’s World Cup CEO Alexey Sorokin tells World Football INSIDER that meetings with Euro 2012 organisers in Warsaw and Kharkiv will help boost preparations for the 2018 FIFA tournament… FIFA’s inspection tour of Russia 2018 candidate cities draws to a close. Mark Bisson reports

April 28 – In a wide-ranging interview, Alexey Sorokin, new CEO of the Russia 2018 World Cup organising committee, tells INSIDER preparations are stepping up a gear. He spoke after Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chaired the first meeting of the supervisory board of the LOC in Moscow on Wednesday. INSIDER’s Mark Bisson reports.

19/8/2010 England 2018 bid vice president David Beckham has called on his compatriots to support his country’s “Back the Bid week”, which starts today ahead of the FIFA inspection beginning on Monday… FIFA inspectors visit Kazan on Russia tour.

17/8/2010 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin promises FIFA inspectors his country will waive visa requirements for players and fans if its 2018 World Cup bid is successful. He also pledges that plans for new and renovated venues will be realised even if Russia misses out on the hosting rights.

10/8/2010 FIFA tells INSIDER its inspection of Russia’s 2018 World Cup bid will go ahead next week, despite few signs of a slowdown in wildfire outbursts that are sending toxic smog over Moscow… Delegation expected to hold talks with Vladimir Putin. INSIDER editor Mark Bisson reports. (Getty)