June 3 – FIFA president Sepp Blatter reassures FIFA sponsors amid corruption crisis, as Sony is latest to express concern… UEFA shares hospitality duties for Euro 2012… Al Jazeera Sports gets international distribution rights for French football. INSIDER’s Matthew Grayson reports.

May 31 – Four of FIFA’s top six sponsors are expressing disappointment at the slew of bribery allegations now swirling among world football leaders. Visa is the latest partner to say it is unhappy with the crisis-hit governing body. But FIFA marketing director Thierry Weil tells INSIDER in Zurich he is “not concerned”.

25/2/2011 Pele and Cantona join Cosmos’ Asian promotional tour… Adidas invites suggestions ahead of London Olympics… FIFA’s top partners join Brazil World Cup organisers for first 2014 commercial event… MLS gets official insurer… Zimbabwean Premier League signs title sponsor. INSIDER’s Matthew Grayson reports.