May 6 – Despite suggestions that A-League’s TV future is in doubt, Australian football boss Ben Buckley is holding out hope… Smaller Serie A clubs fight for a bigger slice of TV revenue pie… US sports network to screen South Korean football… Austrian broadcaster ORF gets Europa League rights. INSIDER’s Matthew Grayson reports.

April 5 – Australia’s football federation drops libel proceedings against publishers of a series of exposes on the conduct of its failed World Cup bid, as it stands accused of using the action “purely” to stop further bad headlines in the run-up to last December’s bid D-day. INSIDER’s James Corbett reports.

31/12/10 A separatist militant will serve 24 years in jail for his role in the deadly attack on a bus carrying Togo’s football team during the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola… The 23-man squads are finalised for countries taking part in the AFC Asian Cup in Qatar… Australia will get its consolation prize next week after losing out on the 2022 World Cup. INSIDER’s Matthew Grayson reports.

7/12/10 Football Federation Australia chairman Frank Lowy lashes out at the FIFA Ex-co members he claimed “outright lied to us” following the country’s 2022 World Cup bid failure. Today, he also defended controversial bid consultants Peter Hargitay and Fedor Radmann and handed a new contract to under-fire FFA chief executive Ben Buckley. INSIDER’s Mark Bisson reports.

1/12/10 Not even supermodel Elle Macpherson or an animated kangaroo can lift an underwhelming Australia bid presentation to the FIFA Executive Committee… Korea deliver a more passionate pitch, built around proposals to reunite the divided peninsula. Qatar, USA and Japan reports to come. INSIDER’s Mark Bisson and James Corbett report from Zurich

24/11/2010 Australian World Cup bid CEO Ben Buckley has staked a commercial case for the 2022 finals being staged in his country, just days after FIFA cast doubt on the economics of staging a tournament beyond its strongest TV markets… Governor General Quentin Bryce to lead Australian delegation to Zurich but no Julia Gillard.

17/11/10 Several World Cup bids have expressed unhappiness with publication of FIFA’s evaluation reports, believing that it presents a distortion of the full technical reports circulated among FIFA Exco members… Australia and Korea given cleanest bills of health from 2022 candidates… Question marks over Qatar… USA bid criticisms less serious.