Liverpool’s Anfield stadium (Getty Images)

(WFI) Carillion has been named as the preferred bidder for Liverpool’s planned £75 million ($128m) expansion of Anfield.

The main stand will be expanded from 8,500 seats to nearly 21,000. The suites and hospitality areas will see a renovation as well.

The stadium, which currently holds 45,000, could wind up with a capacity of between 54,000 and 59,000. Exact figures have not been determined.

The entire project will take approximately 20 months and should start before the year is out.

“I believe that being selected for this prestigious project reflects Carillion’s reputation for high standards of quality, health and safety, and sustainability,” said Carillion chief executive Richard Howson.

Bristol City Owner Working on Wi-Fi for Stadia

Bristol FC owner Steve Lansdown has plans to outfit stadia throughout England with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Lansdown holds stake in digital marketing firm Sport Revolution, which recently installed Wi-Fi at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland. Currently, just one Premier League club – Manchester City – has plans to install the technology at its home.

The club owner envisions fans installing the company’s app and interacting via social media from their seats.

“What we’ve been doing is basically raising this money to put in high density Wi-Fi systems that allow you to stream video, upload to social media sites, and all the other things that we tend to do as fans at home,” Sport Revolution managing director Antony Marcou told IBTimes UK.

Other opportunities include exclusive content, such as a recent pre-kickoff interview with the Celtic manager, and access to the merchandise store.

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