The Fan Fest on Rio’s Copacabana beach (INSIDER)

(WFI) Many Brazil fans were left despondent after their side was destroyed 7-1 by Germany in the World Cup semi-final – but there were some who maintained that there was a bigger picture.

Much of the build-up to the World Cup in the South American nation had been blighted by sometimes violent demonstrations against the government and FIFA in relation to the $11 billion spend on venues and infrastructure. There were smaller protests in the first weeks of the tournament, but they seemed to quieten down once Brazil progressed to the knockout stage on home soil.

But as the thousands of fans at the FIFA Fan Fest on Rio de Janeiro’s famous Copacabana beach watched Brazil concede five goals in 29 minutes against Germany, there was those who were thankful for the thrashing.

“I know that this World Cup is not good for Brazil,” Oda, 19, from Salvador told INSIDER.

“I am here watching the game but I am very happy for this [result] because Brazil is losing to Germany. In Brazil there exist many problems that nobody sees, such as education, public transport and everything.

“I’m not happy for the situation in my country, but I am happy that Brazil will lose to Germany.”

Huge protests marred the buildup to the 2013 Confederations Cup and the tournament itself as people took to the streets to show demonstrate their concerns about public transport costs and their disillusionment with the government led by resident Dilma Rousseff.

Brazil fans were in optimistic mood going into the Fan Fest. They left heartbroken (INSIDER)

Last night following the defeat, Rousseff immediately called on her country to “not be broken”, amid mounting fears that protests against the government would begin afresh now that Brazil are out of the World Cup.

But another fan, Leandro, told INSIDER the defeat was a blessing in disguise.

“The relation from football to social problems is very small. If Brazil win this World Cup, everybody is blind to the problems because the country is happy.

“When you are happy, you don’t see the problems. This is my opinion, not necessarily of all the Brazilian people.”

The rain hammered down in Rio as the goals flooded in and once the fifth had been scored by Sami Khedira, fans began to leave the Fan Fest in their droves.

Many more left at half-time, with a fan called Ana telling INSIDER “I’ve had enough. This is embarrassing for the whole country”.

Fears of any violence or demonstrations were tempered by a heavy police presence, the huge downpour and the fact that with such an emphatic scoreline Brazil fans actually began to applaud Germany in the closing minutes of the match.

A narrower victory may have provided a different outcome on the streets of Rio. But for now, the locals have simply accepted defeat in humble fashion.

By Christian Radnedge in Rio

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