The World Cup trophy visited Doha in December. (Getty Images)

A FIFA executive board member says there will be “absolutely no re-vote” to decide a new host of the 2022 World Cup.

“Some in the English press want [a re-vote]. But it’s not the English press that decide,” said Michel D’Hooghe.

D’Hooghe, an executive board member since 1998, made the comments to the London Evening Standard amid speculation that Qatar’s hosting privileges may be reexamined in light of accusations of impropriety in the voting process.

The Daily Telegraph alleged that former FIFA vice president Jack Warner and member of his family received £720,000 from a Qatari company in the year following the vote. Warner subsequently left FIFA following other corruption allegations.

The country’s drawn criticism for migrant worker abuse and brutal summer heat as well.

Alas, for fans in countries hoping to host the game’s crown jewels, FIFA does not see grounds for a change.

When asked about corruption, D’Hooghe said, “I had no feeling anything was going on then and I still have no feeling that there was corruption during this vote.”

He emphasized the security under which the vote in conducted, saying it “took place in absolute religious silence, like a conclave to elect the pope.”

The decision to hold the tournament in Qatar has been under investigation by U.S. lawyer Michael Garcia on behalf of FIFA’s ethics commission for the past two years, though the body has yet to reach a conclusion.

By INSIDER’s Nick Devlin

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