EPFL, Council of Europe Double Down Against Fan Violence

European Professional Football Leagues are reinforcing their relationship with the Council of Europe in the fight against fan violence.
At a meeting in Strasbourg, France last month, the Council’s Standing Committee of the Convention on Spectator Violence voted unanimously to extend Observer status to the EPFL.
“The Council’s Standing Committee on Spectator Violence is the key platform of intergovernmental co-operation on safety and security issues in sport,” said EPFL CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros. 
“We are glad to render our contribution to further develop all necessary measures for a football free from violence and disorders in straight cooperation with Governments, police forces’ representatives, as well as other observers, such as FIFA, UEFA and the European Commission.”
Jo Vanhecke, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Convention on Spectator Violence, added: “EPFL is via their member leagues responsible for an enormous amount of matches throughout Europe. I believe that our joint force will help to improve our strategies and will be an additional way of spreading European good practice in this field.”

Ibrox Stadium Goes Wireless

Rangers F.C. will soon offer free Wi-Fi throughout Ibrox Stadium, a first for the Scottish Second Division.
Ibrox Stadium is going wireless beginning in August. (Getty)
According to Friday’s announcement, the 50,000-seat venue in Glasgow will enjoy installation on a stand-by-stand basis beginning in August of a high-capacity network from Huawei in a deal reportedly worth seven figures.
“Rangers FC is rightly proud of its tremendous fan base, which has stood by the team through thick and thin and we aim to provide our supporters with a world-class Wi-Fi service to enhance their matchday experience,” Rangers CEO Craig Mather said in a statement.
Victor Zhang, CEO Huawei UK, said: “Our company is at the forefront of innovation in communications technology and we are very proud to have been chosen to deliver a new channel of communication between Rangers and their supporters.
“The high data capacity that Wi-Fi delivers will allow Rangers fans to use social networks to share their experiences, as well as allowing the club to enhance its ‘digital dialogue’ with its supporters.”
The agreement comes two weeks after Celtic F.C. of the Scottish Premier League announced its wireless plans for Celtic Park.

WADA, FIFA Discuss Anti-Doping

FIFA and the World Anti-Doping Agency will collaborate on the development of new strategies in the fight against doping.
FIFA’s Jiri Dvorak and WADA’s David Howman (FIFA)
That’s the outcome from Wednesday’s meeting at FIFA headquarters in Zurich among WADA Director General David Howman, FIFA Medical Committee Chairman Michel D’Hooghe and FIFA Chief Medical Officer Jiri Dvorak.
Among the main items of discussion was the latest draft of the 2015 WADA Code, according to world football’s governing body, especially the issues of sanctions and testing authorities.
“The meeting was very constructive and clearly showed the best intention of both WADA and FIFA to collaborate in the fight against doping,” D’Hooghe said in a statement.
The two parties also agreed to jointly organize an anti-doping conference on Nov. 29 and 30 at FIFA headquarters with collaboration from the medical representatives of international team sports federations, the IOC and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations.
“WADA welcomed the idea of a consensus conference on the topic ‘Time has come to change the strategy of the fight against doping in sport’,” said Dvorak. 
“WADA was invited and confirmed that it will participate”.
By INSIDER’s Matthew Grayson

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