Morocco presented its 2026 World Cup bid to the AIPS international journalists (AIPS)

(WFI) Morocco knows that it cannot compete financially against a rival bid for the 2026 World Cup led by the U.S.

So the North Africans are promoting a different aspect of the bidding process from the monetary emphasis pushed by the joint triple United candidacy (U.S., Mexico and Canada). On the contrary, Morocco wants to focus on the role that sports can play in helping emerging countries.

That became apparent in the Moroccans’ presentation on Tuesday in Brussels before the 81st Congress of the International Association of Sports Press (AIPS).

Hicham El Amrani, Director of the Morocco 2026 World Cup bid, tried to present a convincing case to more than 200 journalists from all over the world gathered in Belgium.

“The World Cup is not attributed only on the number of seats you offer in stadiums or on who makes more money,” insisted El Amrani. “We will make enough money to make FIFA profitable. That is a crucial end. We proved that our bid will make double the amount of what was accomplished in South Africa and Brazil.”

El Amrani was referring to the $11 billion in net profit that its rival North American rivals have promised to give back to FIFA should they host the World Cup.

In his presentation in Brussels, El Amrani said that it is the ambition of a whole African continent to host the FIFA tournament again after its first experience in 2010 in South Africa.

According to Morocco’s CEO, there’s even widespread support around the world for the North African cause.

The Moroccan candidacy promises an impeccable 2026 World Cup that celebrates – according to its executives- its values of tolerance. openness and respect. The North African candidacy keeps focusing on the human experience of the event and a lasting legacy for the Moroccan and African youth.

Morocco 2026 underlines the developmental aspect of awarding the World Cup to Africa. “Otherwise, we can only give the World Cups and Olympics to the same countries around the world,” continued El Amrani. “These nations are already able to organize such important events today. The power of sport is also to help develop certain areas of the world.”

For the first time in history, member associations will elect the World Cup host country in an open vote.
The winning bid will need to target 104 votes out of the 206 total . FIFA counts 211 members but the four bidding countries (Morocco, U.S.A, Canada and Mexico) and the suspended Guatemalan federation are not eligible to vote.

“In the past, the reduced number of FIFA Council’s [24] members did not represent all the nationalities, continents and tendencies,” explained El Amrani. “It is a fairer process. We have the entire support of what we believe to be the majority of countries around the world, not only in Africa but across Europe and Asia as well.”

The vote to decide the 2026 host will be in Moscow on June 13.

By INSIDER Javier Monne

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