Construction continues at the Arena Amazonia in Manaus, Brazil ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. (Getty Images)

2014 World Cup

Adriana Brasileiro from Reuters says officials in Brazil fear an “explosion in child prostitution amid a rising demand from football fans”traveling to the country for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
ESPN FC’s Wright Thompson explores how “fury, anarchy and martyrdom” drive the youth of Brazil, and could “consume the World Cup.”

Tottenham Hotspur’s Sandro says he would rather fish in Manaus than play football. “I will joke with people from Manaus that all there is there is forest, river and that is it,” Sandro says. He adds, “It is beautiful, but that’s the joke. 

“Most Brazilians haven’t been there.”

Champions League

Galatasaray forward Didier Drogba. (Getty Images)

The Guardian features ten talking points from the final group games of the Champions League. “Didier Drogba’s potential return, Pellegrini’s numerical error, marvelous ranting and the worst last 16 qualifiers ever,” all make the list.

Football writer Dermot Ledwith discusses Barcelona’s 6-1 “thrashing” of Celtic, and Neymar’s “superb” Champions League performance on Wednesday.

BBC Sport reporter Gary Rose features rising Everton star Ross Barkley. “I think he is a new generation of athletic, intelligent young footballers that we are bringing through,” former Everton academy coach Ray Hall says about Barkley.

In Other News

Marina Hyde of The Guardian predicts we have yet to see the extent of the feud between Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane. (Getty Images)

The Guardian’s Marina Hyde predicts the feud between Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane will advance to a “properly nasty” stage in about 20 years’ time. 

Sports betting expert Ed Hawkins asks, “When is ‘match-fixing’ not match-fixing?”

Just five days after he escaped Qatar, Zahir Belounis hopes to return to the game of football soon. Belounis tells Guardian reporter Kim Willsher he is travelling to London for talks with English clubs. “If I could just play again,” Belounis says, “even just for one minute, I wouldn’t fear anything.”

Two protesters invaded the set of a German talk show on Wednesday to protest the 2022 World Cup. Each was adorned in body paint that read: “Do not play with human rights.” The pair chanted, “Boycott FIFA, mafia.”

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