United manager David Moyes said the team missed “one or two opportunities” to score against Everton (Getty Images)

Midweek Commentary

The Guardian’s Jamie Jackson discusses five things Manchester United must do to get manager “David Moyes’ reign back on track.”

The Guardian also features “10 talking points” from the midweek action at the Premiere League. Topics such as the David Moyes’ reputation at Old Trafford and “away day blues for Chelsea strikers” make the list.

ESPN FC writer David Mooney says Manchester City’s victory over West Bromwich Albion on Wednesday was about the letter C for the Blues: “Confidence, control, cruising, casual, Costel, careless, close.”

Writer Marina Hyde asks, “What would the gay rights movement today look like without team sports?” The article centres on British Olympic diver Tom Daley’s announcement that he is in a relationship with a man, and what that means for the sport of football. Hyde wonders whether Daley’s announcement could encourage players harbouring a “miserable secret” to come out.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo dismisses an apology from Sepp Blatter, and announces he will open a museum dedicated to himself. (Getty Images)

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is opening a museum in Funchal, Portugal – dedicated to himself. USA Today says Ronaldo will use the museum as a place to store memorabilia he collects during his world travels. “Better than letting it get dusty in the basement, one supposes,” USA Today reporter Nate Scott writes.

When FIFA president Sepp Blatter was asked to compare Ronaldo and Barcelona player Lionel Messi at an Oxford Union address, he said Ronaldo “has more expenses at the hairdressers than the other.” Blatter later took to Twitter to issue an apology to the Portuguese star. Ronaldo dismissed Blatter’s apology and said, “I don’t have a telephone. My secretary forgot to tell me about it.”

Qatar 2022

An official for the 2022 World Cup says Qatar will “press on with plans to install air conditioning systems in all 12 football stadiums.” Qatar 2022 communications director Nasser Al-Khater told Asharq Al-Awsat that the stadiums will not only “benefit international teams, but will also be used in the Qatari league where some of the games are played in hot conditions.”

French footballer Zahir Belounis tells BBC Sport reporter Ben Smith that he “prepared an illegal escape,” considered suicide, and ultimately turned to alcohol to maintain his “crumbling sanity” after 19 months trapped in Qatar.

Signage for today’s 2014 FIFA World Cup final draw. (Getty Images)

2014 World Cup

USA Today’s Nick Schwartz says “things are not looking for the United States” ahead of the 2014 World Cup draw. Schwartz discusses the four World Cup pots, the draw process, and the twist that is contributing to the “inherent craziness” of this year’s draw.

Roger Bennett, columnist for ESPN FC, discusses “everything you need to know about the World Cup draw.”

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