Experts weigh in on Bayern Munich’s future in the Bundesliga. (Getty Images)

Bayern Munich

The Guardian’s Raphael Honigstein says Bayern Munich is “too dominant, regal, relaxed, elegant and cool” for the Bundesliga. Honigstein also explores whether Bayern had to beat everyone “so convincingly” to successfully defend its league title.

In a separate article, Honigstein discusses the impact of former Bayern president Uli Hoeness on the club. Manager Pep Guardiola has dubbed Hoeness “the most important person in the club.”

ESPN’s Jonathan Costa offers notes on “Bayern building its reputation as the new king of Europe,” and what this might mean for “Germany’s World Cup campaign.”

Bleacher Report’s Ryan Bailey asks, “Should Champions Bayern Munich Leave the Bundesliga for a European Super League?”

Manchester United 

Manchester United manager David Moyes reacts during the team’s home defeat to Manchester City. (Getty Images)

The Guardian’s Jamie Jackson says Manchester United’s home defeat to Manchester City has “snapped the patience of the club’s hardcore supporters” and may have “fatally wounded manager” David Moyes.

ESPN’s Adrian Melville explores the “evolution of Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney.” predicts “dark clouds” for Mancehster United manager David Moyes, following “Champions League respite.”

In Other News

Jamie Carragher predicts Liverpool could eclipse its 2005 Champions League triumph. (Getty Images)

Sky Sports football expert and columnist Jamie Carragher says a title win from Liverpool may “top the team’s 2005 Champions league triumph in Istanbul.” 

Former Southampton captain Claus Lundekvam discusses his “extraordinary post-retirement battle with drug and alcohol addiction.” Lundekvam tells Guardian writer Lars Siversten that his addiction left him “hiding in cupboards and hunting paparazzi in his garden with a knife.”

USA Today’s Melissa Pandika features Tommy Clark, an athlete using soccer to “break through the deafening silence” that surrounds HIV/AIDS.

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