Luis Suarez reacts after biting Giorgio Chiellini. (Getty Images)

(WFI) Luis Suarez can participate in some football activities—just not competitions.

On Thursday, the Court of Arbitration for Sport announced it “partially upheld” the appeal from Suarez. The Uruguayan football star was found to have bitten Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during their June 24 World Cup match. As a result, he was banned for four months from all football-related activities.

In a statement announcing its decision, CAS said the total football ban was “excessive given that such measures are not appropriate to sanction the offence committed by the player and would still have an impact on his activity after the end of the suspension.”

Suarez is now free to train with his club, Barcelona even though he is still unable to compete until October 26.

He also must serve out his nine-match suspension for international matches. Suarez was ineligible for Uruguay’s match on June 28 against Colombia, meaning he has eight matches left in his suspension.

CAS heard the appeal of Suarez on Aug. 8. The court said it will announce the full details of the awards and the grounds of its decisions at a later date. 


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