(WFI) While it was Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund who took the pitch for May’s Champions League final in London, neither found themselves on top when UEFA released the details of how the tournament’s €904.6 million of revenue was allocated.

Instead, it was Juventus, the Italian club that fell in the quarterfinals to eventual champions Bayern, who took home the biggest payout of €65.3m.

The Bundesliga rivals still performed quite well; Bayern and Dortmund netted €55m and €54.2m, respectively.

The figures were arrived at through a combination of prize money, bonuses, and a share of broadcast rights.

All told, €495m of the overall pool was comprised of fixed payments, while the remaining €409.6m came in through television rights.

It was TV, in fact, that propelled Juventus to the top of the heap. They received nearly €45m as part of their share of Italian broadcast rights.

This mammoth figure matched or exceeded what teams like Barcelona (€45.5m), Paris Saint-Germain (€44.7m), and Manchester United (€35.5m) received in total.

AC Milan, the only other Italian club to reach the group stage, was aided substantially by TV rights as well, collecting €51.4m overall.

In accordance with the distribution guidelines, all 32 Champions League participants received a minimum of €8.6m.

Clubs received performance bonuses that escalated with each round to which they advanced. Teams received €1m  for each win and €500,000 for each draw in the group stage, as well as an additional €3.5m for the clubs who reached the round of 16.

The other variable, the cash from the market pool, was divided according to the proportional value of the national TV market allocated to each club.

By INSIDER’s Nick Devlin

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