FIFA investigates resignation of Syrian FA board

Syria (right) dominated Tajikistan 6-1 in the second-round knockout stage, then had the win voided by FIFA. (Getty Images)

FIFA tells INSIDER it’s monitoring a situation in Syria that has seen the board of its football federation resign following the country’s ban from World Cup qualifying.

“The Syrian football team had been disqualified from the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, due to an ineligible player in the Syrian team taking part in the two qualifying matches against Tajikistan in July 2011,” said a FIFA spokesperson.

“The Bureau of the Organizing Committee for the FIFA World Cup took the decisions in conformity with Article 7 of the Regulations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. In addition, it appears that the board of the Syrian FA has now resigned. FIFA is monitoring the situation.”

FIFA’s disciplinary committee ruled last month to disqualify the Middle Eastern country from the ongoing Asian qualifiers after Syria thrashed Tajikistan 6-1 on aggregate during July’s second round. George Murad, who played for Sweden in 2005, scored a goal in the first leg, so Tajikistan moved onto the third round instead as a result.

UEFA unveils big bonuses for Champions League clubs
Clubs taking part in the Champions League kicking off tonight will receive between $10 million and $50 million in revenue redistribution alone. “Each of the 32 clubs involved in the group stage will receive a participation bonus of $6.16 million,” UEFA said Tuesday on its website. “In addition, they will be entitled to a match bonus of $871,000 per match played in the group stage. Performance bonuses will also see $1.27 million paid for every win and $633,000 for every draw in the group stage.” Sides in the round of 16 pick up an extra $4.7 million, quarterfinalists an extra $5.2 million and semifinalists an extra $6.6 million with the winners pocketing a $14 million bonus and the runners-up an $8.8 million bonus. More than $500 million in TV revenue will also be redistributed to the clubs according to the proportional value of each market represented by the Champions League contenders.

Airport construction halted in Sao Paulo
A federal court in Brazil is ordering a work stoppage at Sao Paulo international airport’s new terminal. Judge Louise Vilela Filgueiras Borer issued an immediate halt to construction Tuesday because airport authority Infraero allegedly awarded the contract without a tender process, according to a BBC report. Brazil’s airport capacity has long been a chief cause of concern for FIFA and organisers of the 2014 World
Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian media indicate the airport authority will appeal to resume work as soon as possible.

New Role for German FA Security Chief

Helmut Spahn was most recently chief security officer of the German FA (Getty Images)

German FA security chief Helmut Spahn will serve as the International Centre for Sport Security’s first ever executive director. “He joins at a very exciting time for us, and our dedicated team looks forward to helping sporting event organisers address important security issues in the months and years ahead,” said ICSS president Mohammed Hanzab. Spahn served as head of security for the 2006 World Cup and the 2011 Women’s World Cup, both in Germany. He leaves the German FA for ICSS headquarters in Doha, Qatar.

By INSIDER’s Matthew Grayson

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