Hayatou has served as CAF president since 1988 (ATR)

(WFI) Issa Hayatou is out as president of the African football confederation (CAF) in what could signal a sea change for the sport on the continent.

The 70-year-old Hayatou, who had served as CAF’s president since 1988, lost to challenger Ahmad of Madagascar. Ahmad received the votes of 34 of CAF’s 54 members in the election held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thursday. The other 20 members voted for Hayatou.

As a result of his defeat, Hayatou also loses his positions with FIFA. He was the most senior vice president and member of the ruling council at world football’s governing body. Ahmad will replace Hayatou as a vice president and take his place on the council.

Ahmad, who has been Madagascar FA chief since 2003, takes over as CAF president on a four-year term. The 57-year-old has promised to modernize the body and make it more transparent.

He told reporters earlier on Thursday that his first job would be to introduce a new code of ethics. He has also pledged to extend ethics checks on African football officials, according to reports.

Ahmad’s campaign manager was the Zimbabwe Football Association president Phillip Chiyangwa. The country’s delegation lifted Ahmad in celebration after his election was announced. Journalist Usher Komugisha posted the video on Twitter.

By INSIDER Gerard Farek

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