Bayern Munich Advocates GLT

Goal-line technology is not currently used in the Bundesliga. (Getty Images)

Club chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said Bayern Munich now supports the use of goal-line technology in the Bundesliga.

The club won its recent German Cup final thanks in part to being on the right side of an incorrect call. In that match, a goal was not awarded to Borussia Dortmund despite the ball appearing to cross the line before a defender kicked it out.

On another recent play, a goal was allowed after the ball went through the side netting.

Two-thirds of first and second division clubs in Germany voted against GLT in March, saying the implementation would be too expensive.

However, Rummenigge, according to the AP, said it was unacceptable for referees to be “dragged through the dirt publicly” as a result of bad calls.

“This can and should be prevented,” wrote the chairman in a letter to the German Football League, which runs the Bundesliga.

Dutch Could Add Video Refs

The Dutch football association (KNVB) is considering expanding the role of the “video referee” for the 2014/15 season.

According to the KNVB, the “video referee” works off site watching a video of the game, but has no contact with the referees on the pitch. It is the first year that the KNVB experimented with having a referee off the field of play.

Next season, the KNVB intends to use these referees in Eredivisie matches. For this to happen, the FIFA would need to approve the KNVB’s proposal.

“The KNVB believes that video referees are the future in football and would like to develop it further,” a release from the KNVB says.

The Netherlands has also implemented HawkEye goal-line technology and added a fifth and sixth official for professional soccer matches this past season.

HawkEye will be expanded to more arenas, and continued to be used in the Eredivisie as well as other competitions such as Johan Cruyff Shield and the KNVB Cup next season.

 By INSIDER’s Nick Devlin and Aaron Bauer

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