Smartphone Manufacturer Predicts Robotic Players

HTC predicts fans will be able to control robotic players by 2060. (Getty Images)

Taiwanese electronics company HTC predicts robotic players will be capable of taking the field by 2060.

Dr. Ian Pearson authored the company’s Future of Football report, which predicts a number of innovations, including fully controlled robotic players driven by phones by the year 2060.

The report also said cameras and sensors provided data on pitch conditions will enter the game before 2030 and ball impact sensors and accelerometers for football boots could be on tap by 2025, according the Tech Week Europe.

It also adds that, given the game’s reluctance to embrace goal line technology, the timelines are based more on when they are expected to be embraced by the game, rather than simply when they will be feasible.

China Turns to Video Analysis

Chinese fans are eager to see their team play in its first World Cup since 2002. (Getty Images)

In an effort to aid its struggling national team, China has at least three research teams at work on a computer system to analyze video.

The system would take video of the team’s matches and highlight strengths and weaknesses.

China has made just one World Cup appearance. The country’s football program has been plagued by corruption, including bribery and matchfixing.

The research involves the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Natural Science Foundation, Xian Jiaotong University, and Tsinghua University.

Funding has picked up in recent years due to the government’s interest in gaining relevance within the game.

Qian Xueming, a video content analyst at one of the university’s involved, said the work is quite challenging.

“If the project succeeds, almost any video recordings of a match can be analyzed by the computer and provide some helpful insights,” Qian told the South China Morning Post. “With sufficient government investment, I am quite sure about its success.”

By INSIDER’s Nick Devlin

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