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(WFI) FIFA ExCo member Moya Dodd tells INSIDER it’s time for sexism to be treated as seriously as racism in the game, in the wake of sexist remarks made by Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore.

Scudamore’s sexism was exposed in email exchanges with colleagues and a lawyer, leaked to the Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper. He referred to females as “gash”, mocked “female irrationality” and in one message told a friend to keep a female colleague nicknamed Edna “off your shaft”.

His remarks were condemned by Women in Sport organization and Britain’s former culture secretary Tessa Jowell, who said Scudamore’s position had been “undermined”.

INSIDER spoke to Dodd on the sidelines of the Soccerex Asian Forum in Jordan. She is taking part in a panel on the growth of women’s football in Asia later today.

Asked if Scudamore should resign, Dodd told INSIDER: “It’s not my call to make.

“But it was very disappointing to hear the comments and hear the way that women are spoken about. People think that no one is listening or watching.

“That said he was very quick to apologise and I think recognised how inappropriate it was.”

Echoing comments she made about Scudamore late Monday, Dodd urged football authorities to set an example in the fight against discrimination. “In the world of football, it’s time for sexism to be taken as seriously as racism,” she said.

Asked if the Scudamore’s remarks that made global headlines were setback in any way for women’s football, she added: “I think women’s football is strong and growing and will continue to do that, particularly in England.

“The FA is pouring a good deal of investment into the women’s league, the second division now and the national teams are doing well now. I think the strength of the game is significant and growing.”

After the emails leaked by his former PA were published in the newspaper, Scudamore apologised for the “inappropriate” comments and said he had made an “error of judgement”.

The UK’s Sports and equalities Helen Grant today piled more pressure on Scudamore to resign, in her first comments about his crude emails

She said the content of the emails was “completely unacceptable and very disappointing”.

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By INSIDER editor Mark Bisson

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