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(WFI) FIFA vice president Prince Ali bin Hussein has expressed his unease at the forthcoming executive committee vote on a winter switch for the 2022 World Cup, saying it should be based “on logic rather than on opinion.”

His comments to INSIDER in Amman come a fortnight ahead of the key Exco meeting at which the timing of the World Cup will be at the top of the agenda. But Prince Ali has expressed reservations about the process, saying that key stakeholders should be given a chance to explain their case.

“From what I understand, questions or ideas will be proposed on a change of timing for the World Cup very soon, in the upcoming executive committee of FIFA,” he said.

“My position is to be fair to those who won the bid – Qatar – and also to others, is to have them come and explain the reason why there should be a shift and base things on logic rather than on opinion. That’s my perspective.”

Jordan’s Prince Ali bin Hussein, a FIFA vice president (Getty Images)

His views echo his Exco colleague Sunil Gulati, who in an interview with the New York Times called for more information to be provided.

“I don’t see at this stage, frankly, how I or any member of FIFA’s executive committee could make a sensible decision,” said Gulati, who chaired the vanquished USA 2022 bid. “We don’t have enough information, and there are too many questions. I don’t see how anybody in a position of responsibility can take a position without some answers.”

Prince Ali added that it was a long-held view that the tournament should be hosted in the northern hemisphere winter.

“I think even before I joined the executive committee, and the decision for the World Cup was made, I had said that I think the climate would have been much better to be in winter.

“I’m very happy that we have this celebration in our region and I think it can be carried off.”

By INSIDER’s James Corbett in Amman

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