Hoeness at last year’s Bayern Munich AGM (Getty)

(WFI) Uli Hoeness, president of European champions Bayern Munich, was today sentenced to three and a half years in prison for tax evasion

The 62-year-old, who is credited with transforming the Bundesliga club into one of the world’s most successful teams,
admitted defrauding the German tax authorities of €27.2m ($38m) in taxes on income kept in a secret Swiss bank account.

A World Cup winner with Germany in 1974, Hoeness had admitted not paying taxes last year and his lawyer argued in a German court this week that he should be spared a jail term if he paid the tax he owed.

But judges ruled that his confession had not stopped short of a full  “voluntary disclosure”. Hoeness admitted during this week’s trial that he had evaded nearly ten times the taxes previously assumed.

He was convicted of “seven serious counts of tax evasion”.

The high-profile case has shocked Germany and led to thousands of tax dodgers turning themselves in, Reuters reports.

Hoeness has a week to appeal. Bayern Munich have not commented on the sentence.

By INSIDER editor Mark Bisson

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