Marcelo Bielsa Unveiled at Leeds United

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Bielsa inspecting the training grounds at Leeds (@Leeds)
(WFI)Marcelo Bielsa is back, but this time in England at a second division team.

The Argentine coach was unveiled this Monday at Leeds United, a historic English club that has been trying for the past 14 years to return to the Premier League. 

Bielsa has signed a two-year contract with Leeds and will be the 11th man to manage the team in a competitive game since Simon Grayson was sacked in February 2012.

The former Athletic Bilbao, Marseille and Lille coach among others inherits a team that slipped to a 13th place finish in the so-called Championship last season.

Bielsa said at his first press conference at the Elland Road team that it would not be fair for him to judge what went wrong in 2017-18 and criticize previous coaches.

"I don't really like to give opinions on situations when they reference a season that I've not been part of. It is not fair to evaluate the manager, players or club when not involved yourself,” he said.

Bielsa added that he could give lots of conclusions he has drawn from watching last season's games but it would be "vain to do so".

Bielsa admitted that he is still trying learn as much as possible about the current situation of his new club.

"I know everything that a foreign person could have possibly absorbed about Leeds United and what Leeds United means to the supporters.”

"In football, one of the great things that you get is the chance to see how a city and a group of fans can become part of the club. I've been told that happened here."

Bielsa was also asked about Argentina in the current World Cup and the possibility of being eliminated in the group stages just like in 2002 when he was the coach of the Argentina national team during the South Korea/Japan World Cup. 

"There are incredibly high expectations placed on the team by every single person in Argentina. I think the players will find a way out of the situation they find themselves in," Bielsa said.

Asked about Jorge Sampaoli, Bielsa showed his full support to Argentina’s current national coach.

"I have got 100 percent confidence in him. And that's not me wishing for something, it's based on fact. The management team have got more than enough experience and knowledge to get them out of this. They need to feel the support of the fans. They need the love of those back home."

Homepage photo: @Leeds

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