FIFA 2026 Bid Task Force Takes to the Road

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(United 2026)
(WFI) FIFA’s 2026 Bid Evaluation Task Force will begin visiting cities of the two competing bids on Monday.

The itinerary begins with four cities from the joint North American bid featuring Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Mexico City is first on April 9-10, followed by Atlanta on April 10-11, Toronto on April 11-12 and New York/New Jersey on April 12-13.

The following week the five-man task force, which consists of Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee Toma┼ż Vesel, Chairman of the Governance Committee Mukul Mudgal, member of the Organising Committee for Competitions Ilcho Gjorgjioski, FIFA Deputy Secretary General (Administration) Marco Villiger and FIFA Deputy Secretary General (Football) Zvonimir Boban, will be in Morocco.

(Morocco 2026)
Marrakech is first up on April 16-17, followed by Agadir on April 17-18, Tangier on April 18-19 and Casablanca on April 19.

FIFA says the choice of cities was determined after consultation with the respective bid committees.

“The main objective of the trips, which will comprise visits to specific locations as well as working meetings with the bid committees, will be to clarify certain technical aspects contained in the respective bid books,” FIFA said in a statement.

The visits are a part of the overall assessment process being carried out by the 2026 Bid Evaluation Task Force. Should both bidders be approved by the Task Force and the FIFA Council, all the eligible voting members will determine a winner in voting at the 68th FIFA Congress in Moscow on June 13.

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