FIFA Releases More World Cup Tickets for Sale

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More World Cup tickets are available (Kremlin)
(WFI) Football’s world body, FIFA, opened up this Tuesday, March 13 a new window for ticket sales for its World Cup in Russia to be played between June 14 and July 15.

This new period for the sale service, dubbed as the "First-come, first-serve", will be available only on the official FIFA website until April 3.

Fans can purchase tickets in real time subject to availability for all games except match 7 (Argentina vs. Iceland is already sold out) and the final.

FIFA announced on Monday that thus far a total of 1,303,616 tickets had been already allocated to fans all over the world. 

The number of requests was more than the number of available tickets that had been allocated by a random selection draw process. "Overall, the number of tickets allocated to international customers during the last random selection sales window accounts for 65%," according to FIFA’s statement.

During the previous World Cup ticket sales window, carried out in the presence of a public notary, 568,448 tickets were allocated to fans worldwide. These are the top countries that were awarded the most tickets after that last process: Russia (197,832) followed by fans from Colombia (33,048), Brazil (24,656), Peru (21,946), Germany (21,639), USA (20,347), Mexico (18,155), Australia (15,906), Argentina (15.214), England (14,890) and Poland (13,686).

Russia designed for this FIFA World Cup the so-called Fan ID which is required for all ticketholders. This innovation plays an important security role during the major football tournament in Russia as it grants admittance to the stadiums and also serves as visa for foreign visitors to enter the country.

A Fan ID also allows its holder to stay for the duration of the global football tournament. Those IDs are mandatory along with purchased tickets in order to attend matches at the World Cup.

The next phase of the tournament’s ticket sales, dubbed as the "Last Minute Sales," will run from April 18 up until the final match day of the competition and the remaining tickets again will be available on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.

By INSIDER Javier Monne

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