The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Upholds the Decision of the UEFA Congress to Admit Kosovo as a Member

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Lausanne, 24 January 2017 – The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has dismissed the appeal filed
by the Football Association of Serbia (FAS) against the Union des Associations Européennes de
Football (UEFA). FAS sought to annul a resolution passed at the UEFA Congress held in Budapest on
3 May 2016 in which the Football Federation of Kosovo (FFK) was admitted as the 55th member
association of UEFA. As a consequence, the resolution remains in force and FFK’s admission as a
member association of UEFA is confirmed.

In its appeal to the CAS, FAS argued that UEFA breached its own rules in admitting FFK as a member
association and that such breaches meant that FFK’s membership contract should be declared null and

The CAS Panel in charge of this matter noted that FAS had both standing to sue in this matter and
reasonable cause to file its appeal, considering that the relevant provision of the UEFA Statutes (Article
5 (1)) was ambiguous and required clarification. Such provision states that membership of UEFA is
open to national football associations situated in the continent of Europe, based in a country which is
recognised by the United Nations (UN) as an independent state. Considering that there is no formal
recognition of countries by the UN, the CAS Panel interpreted Art. 5 (1) UEFA Statutes as meaning
that the territory in which the football federation is located shall be recognised by the majority of the
UN member states as an “independent state”. The CAS Panel found that this prerequisite was fulfilled
with respect to FFK, and that such conclusion was also in line with the will expressed by the majority
of the member federations at the UEFA Congress to accept FFK as a new UEFA member. As a
consequence, FAS’ appeal was dismissed.

For further information related to the CAS activity and procedures in general, please contact either Matthieu Reeb, CAS Secretary
General, or Katy Hogg, Communications Officer. Château de Béthusy, Avenue de Beaumont 2, 1012 Lausanne, Switzerland.; Tel: (41 21) 613 50 00; fax: (41 21) 613 50 01, or consult the CAS website:

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