Proceedings Underway for Former SAFA President

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Former President of the South African Football Association Kirsten Nematandani (Getty Images)
(WFI) FIFA says formal adjudicatory proceedings are underway against former president of the South African Football Association (SAFA) Kirsten Nematandani.

Nematandani, former official of the Zimbabwe Football Association Jonathan Musavengana and former national coach of Togo Banna Tchanile were investigated by FIFA’s Ethic Committee on charges of alleged bribery and corruption violations.

In December 2012, Nematandani - who was serving as SAFA president at the time - was suspended by FIFA that found "compelling evidence" that friendly international matches were fixed by Far East betting syndicates, according to the BBC and matches were allegedly fixed in the build-up to the 2010 World Cup.

In March 2016, Nematandani was quoted by South African online news source IOL saying; “I have been saying that I am innocent from day one. Honesty and integrity is how I have carried myself in all the years that I have been a football official. I have never stolen a penny in my career; instead I would rather sacrifice my income for the good of the game. Why I would I be involved in that at the climax of my career? What would I benefit?”

It is possible Nematandani will be fined at least $10,400 and receive a minimum six-year ban.

The ethics committee also recommended life bans for Musavengana and Tchanile.

FIFA fined and banned former SAFA CEO Leslie Sedibe for five years for his role in the scandal.

Until a formal decision is taken by the adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee, the accused are presumed innocent.

By INSIDER Courtney Colquitt

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