70 Dead in Qatar Construction; Ukraine FA Miffed at Ban; Cape Verde Appeal Rejected

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70 Nepalese Workers Dead in Qatar 2022 Construction

The Guardian is reporting that 70 construction workers from Nepal have died in the construction of World Cup facilities in Qatar since the start of 2012.

In London, protesters demonstrate on behalf of construction workers in Qatar. (Getty Images)
The Nepalese government, at a joint press conference held with the Qatari government, announced that 15 of the deaths have occurred this year.

Qatar utilizes about 1.2 million migrant workers. The small but wealthy Middle Eastern country is in the process of a $100 billion construction drive leading up to the 2022 World Cup.

According to Nepalese trade unions, many of the fatalities resulted from falls by workers toiling without safety equipment on the top floors of buildings.

“Scores are dying from heat exhaustion and dehydration after 12-hour shifts in blazing heat, often during the night in the squalid and cramped labor camps with no ventilation and appalling hygiene,” said Sharan Burrow, secretary general of the International Trade Union Confederation.

However, the chairman of Qatar’s national human rights committee said the Guardian’s numbers were exaggerated.

“There is no slavery or forced labor in Qatar,” said Ali bin Samikh Al-Marri, “There have been some problems, owing to the fact that there are 44,000 business in the country. But I can assure you that the authorities are constantly making efforts to resolve the problems.”

Ukraine FA Upset Over Supporter Ban

Arena Lviv may go dark for 2018 World Cup qualifying. (Getty Images)
Euronews says the vice president of the Ukrainian football federation had stern words for FIFA in the wake of his country’s recent one-match supporter ban.

FIFA ordered Ukraine’s national team to play their next World Cup qualifying match in an empty stadium after fans were accused by Racism in Europe (FARE) of “making monkey chants and performing Nazi salutes” during their recent win over San Marino.

In addition, FIFA banned Arena Lviv from hosting 2018 World Cup qualifiers, though the association says they will appeal.

“Our main point is that not only do we disagree with the evaluation categories used by FARE and FIFA,” said Ukraine FA vice president Sergiy Storozhenko
Cape Verde Islands players celebrate the September 7 win that was later ruled a forfeit. (Getty Images)
, “but we say, ‘If there appeared to be three idiots who did it in the stadiums which was 100 percent full, with some 35,000 fans, why should 47 Ukrainians be punished?’ Am I wrong?”

Cape Verde Appeal Rejected

FIFA informed Cape Verde Islands on Tuesday that their recent appear was rejected.

Cape Verde was cited for playing with an ineligible player in their World Cup qualifier on September 7.

That match has been awarded to Tunisia by a 3-0 forfeit score. Cape Verde will not advance to round three of the FIFA World Cup African zone qualifiers as a result. Tunisia will proceed instead.

Defender Fernando Varela was the reason for the violation, having played in the match before serving out a five-match suspension.

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