Exclusive - Jordaan Concerned About Brazil 2014 World Cup Preparations

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Jordaan spoke to INSIDER on the sidelines of the International Sport Security Conference in Doha this week (WFI)
(WFI) Danny Jordaan, CEO of the South Africa 2010 organising committee, tells INSIDER that Brazil must “accelerate” its plans to host the World Cup if the football-made nation is to deliver a successful tournament.

Jordaan faced similar problems to Brazil in terms of infrastructure building in the lead-up to the South Africa World Cup. He battled FIFA criticism and global sceptics, but made good on his promises and, ultimately, the tournament was regarded a huge success.

Jordaan told INSIDER that the key to World Cup success was a legal framework prepared from the off. That's become a major issue for Brazil.

FIFA chiefs are increasingly frustrated that Brazil's government has still to rubberstamp its 2014 World Cup law and also exasperated at the slow pace of work on construction of stadia and transport upgrades, esecially airports.

The legislation must be signed off by President Dilma Rousseff, who today meets FIFA president Sepp Blatter in Brasilia for clear-the-air talks in the wake of FIFA secretary general Jerome valcke's stinging criticism of 2014 preparations.

Brazilian football legend Pele will also attend the meeting. While Valcke has apologised for saying Brazil needed a "kick up the backside" it remains unclear if sports minister Aldo Rebelo and Rousseff's administration will agree to continue dealing with him.

“In delivering an event there are things to put in place. Firstly, you must put a legal framework in place – that deals with many issues whether it is about visas or security, intellectual property rights issues, ambush marketing, transportation, health services; all the things that make up a World Cup," Jordaan told INSIDER.

“The second thing is to put an infrastructure in place. Now it seems to me that they [Brazil] were delayed on both these sides, and the third phase is the operational side when you put on the tournament.

"If you have a delay in any of these areas, inevitably there will be pressure and tension because there’s nothing you can do because on June 14, 2014 the World Cup will start.”

Jordaan added: "So I understand the pressure but I hope they are able to accelerate their preparations because a World Cup in Brazil for all of us will be very special.”

Jordaan was speaking to INSIDER at the International Sport Security Conference held in Doha this week.

He suggested that one of the reasons why Brazil was experiencing such difficulties in World Cup preparations was because the country was the sole bidder for 2014 and failed to provide sufficient guarantees to FIFA from the outset.

“Unlike a normal bidding process where prospective countries have to submit letters of guarantee, and begin to show that infrastructure plans are in place, the stadium plans are in place – to prove that they are right to be awarded the event. So it was not a competitive bid,” he said.

“So Brazil must realise this now... because of that they need to increase the effort to get everything in place.”

The South African also recommended a certain amount of introspective analysis from the Brazil 2014 organising committee in order to please FIFA and prioritise what work needs to be undertaken to be ready for the competition.

“One must have an actual understanding of where they are," he said.

"In some areas they may be ahead, and in others behind – you need to analyse and then say ‘what are the measures that we have to introduce to make sure that everything will be in place by the time that kick off comes around?’”

By INSIDER's Christian Radnedge

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